Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ELI Prom!

Just a reminder that this Thursday the 15th is the ELI Prom. Prom is a dance held once a year in American high schools. This dance is traditionally for high school juniors and seniors. The purpose of prom is to have fun, spend time with your friends, to dress up, and dance.

At prom, you will take pictures, listen to American music, and, if you're lucky, maybe slow dance with your date.

While at American proms it is customary to bring a date of the opposite sex, it's also equally ok to bring a group of friends.

A word on dress: Girls wear long, formal dresses with high heels. Guys wear a tuxedo and dress shoes. It is also customary for the boy to buy a corsage (a flower pinned to the dress) for the girl.
For more information see the official ELI prom webpage:


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fashion Show

Just a follow-up to the last post to say that the ELI fashion show was a big success. More than 100 students participated, representing than 38 cultures. The UD review covered the event. You can read their article here:


Above you can see yours truly in his fancy Uzbeki Groom Wedding Costume.